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Here at FBC we want to address the rapidly developing Coronavirus situation. We are actively monitoring The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health Organization (WHO) for Coronavirus/COVID-19 updates.

At this point in time we are currently continuing production as scheduled and will keep you informed of any future changes if necessary.

We will continue to update this page with updates related to our business functioning and COVID-19. Please contact us with any questions that aren’t answered here!

What is your company doing to protect the clients, trades, and employees?

FBC Remodel is following all CDC guidelines and restrictions put in place by local and federal governments. We’ve moved nearly all business operations to virtual, reduced construction presence in homes down to one trade a day, and everyday we’re checking in with our employees, trade partners and clients, to confirm there has been no exposure to COVID-19 or risk of exposure.

Is FBC Remodel still open?

Construction has been deemed an essential business and as such we are still operating in all three of our markets – Colorado, Illinois and Minnesota. Our design and corporate teams are fully virtual and our construction teams are taking extra precautions to ensure we can safely continue to work on our remodel projects. Our phone lines remain open during regular business hours and we are still accepting new projects!

How are the inspections being completed?

Every municipality is different and things are changing rapidly. Our team is monitoring municipalities that we operate within daily and we will notify you as soon as we feel any of that information will impact the project. Until then it’s business as usual. Some municipalities have even moved to virtual inspections, allowing us to continue to carry on with construction projects.

How much interaction will I have with the people working in my home?

Our trade partners and employees are being asked on a daily basis if anyone is experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus, if they’ve been in close proximity with someone who has the coronavirus, or if they have traveled to a “hotspot” of the coronavirus recently. If the answer is yes to any of these, they will not be entering the home and will abide within the quarantine guidelines. All people coming in and out of the home are being asked to follow the proper safety guidelines from the CDC.

We are also limiting our trade partners to one vendor at a time. For example, framers are not overlapping work with electricians. Construction projects will now have an outhouse available for trades to use to eliminate traffic through the home.

I’m worried about having people come into my home, what types of precautions is FBC taking?

We are taking each project uniquely in how it is set up. If you are looking at a basement project with a walk-out patio door, or with an easily accessible window, this has made eliminating all interactions quite easy. Majority of the access will come and go through the basement door or window. If travel does need to happen on the main level of your space, we have extra measures that can be taken to contain the project “work zone” depending on the type of project.

I am worried about investing money into a construction project right now given the current economy, what has FBC done to make projects more feasible?

We get creative with you! Through the 2008-2012 recession, we came up with many ways to work with budget goals! We offer many phases to finishing a project, based on your construction experience, your designer will be able to advise you on the best approaches you can take to get an amazing space in the end! You can also check out some of our budget-friendly options, like Nearly Finished Basements. .

What can we do right now to prepare ourselves for a construction project to happen later this year?

Start getting your designs underway! We are typically 2-4 months out on our construction timeline from when we would be able to start your project. Preparing for a construction project takes time. You need time to clean out the space that is being worked on, finalize designs with your designer, go through cost options for the project, and pick out selections. Behind the scenes, we are preparing your project schedule and getting our trade partners set up months in advance. This helps give your specific project the attention it needs come time to build.

I see you are doing virtual meetings? What does this look like for your process?

When you set up a consultation with a designer, you are able to meet them virtually through an app called Microsoft “Teams.” Throughout our meeting process the designer is able to reference their screen and share your designs and project information with you from home. It’s been a great way to connect with our clients and stick with social-distancing! We’ll even teach you how to measure your space so your designs can be completed entirely virtually. .