What is Design- Build?

Custom Design-Build Services For Basement Remodels

FBC Remodel is a design-build firm with offices in Denver, Minneapolis, and Naperville. For over 20 years, we’ve been building joy in homes with our custom design-build process that puts you, the homeowner, at the center of the decision making.

Unlike a general contractor, a design-build firm handles every step of the remodel process from brainstorming and design all the way through project management and construction. You come to us with a space that needs finishing, and we handle it all from beginning to end.

Our proven, award-winning design-build process means you get a basement that is fully customized to you and your lifestyle, and a seamless construction process that you won’t have to worry about managing. Our goal is to make your remodel as stress-free and efficient as possible.

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Use the slider to see the 3D rendered model, and the finished project.

Planning Your Basement Remodel Project

Before your start a remodel, it’s important to research your options for a remodeling partner. Every remodel is unique and comes with different needs and considerations for success. For example, if you’ve got the designs nailed down already and just need someone to build out the space, a general contractor may be a good fit. If you’re looking to completely remodel your space with a new floor plan and new functionality, a design-build firm is likely the place to start.

At FBC Remodel, we offer designs that are completely customized to you and built to match your values and lifestyles. Our construction process is seamless and committed to matching our promised timelines, with a budget and schedule that is guaranteed before you ever start construction.

Getting Started with Your Basement Remodel

To start your basement remodel, book a complimentary, in-home design consultation with one of our award-winning designers. These free design consultations are a great time to get to know your designer and ask all of your questions about the remodel process. Your FBC designer will get to know you and the goals of your space. They’ll ask questions about your day-to-day life, your plans for using the space, your family, and how you want your basement to improve your everyday life.

The first step of your project is booking a complimentary, in-home design consultation with one of our designers. Consults are a great time to get to know your designer and ask any questions about our process. Your designer will ask about your household, your day-to-day, and how you’d like your finished space to help improve your lifestyle.

Following the initial design consultation, your designer creates two 3D renderings of your finished space. One will be based purely off your initial discussion and meet your expectations as closely as possible. The other will be a unique take on your vision to provide you with options you may not have even considered before. Most of our clients settle on a combination of the two spaces. Once you’ve decided what design makes the most sense for your remodel and approved the plan, you’ll put down a deposit and select a start date for construction.

When the construction phase starts, you’ll get to know your project manager, who will become your point of contact for all of your construction questions and needs. Your project manager will handle all of the coordination of subcontractors and trades every day, so you never have to worry about keeping track of the construction schedule. You’ll get access to a user-friendly construction app that will let you keep track of exactly what’s happening each day with your project, and receive daily update photos as the project progresses.

Depending on your project type, your remodel will be complete and ready to enjoy within 6 – 16 weeks. And, if anything comes up after construction, we offer a warranty for your project that allows you to call us back and fix any issues that may appear later on!

Start Your Basement Remodel with A Complimentary Design Consultation

Are you ready to create a unique and customized basement for your home? FBC Remodel can bring that dream to life with our specialized design-build process. Give us a call today to schedule your own complimentary, in-home design consultation.